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WhoOody F4

Nerds Genetics/ Indica/

by: Nerds Genetics

Pronounced “whoa-dee,” this Nerds staple is easy to grow, produces high yields and turns purple even in hot rooms. It gets icier than the bumper of a Zamboni on a glacier and on top of all that –it smells like a blueberry getting busy with two grapes and a blackberry, while a banana wrestles an apple in a pool of ky jelly. After getting a collegiate degree in studying this cultivar, we have stabilized it down to two major phenos. Deep purple coloring, bud structure, smell and extreme frost advisory are uniform across the lot. Any major variations between phenos come in the form of structure. One takes on a lankier GMO type structure, and the other is more of a purple pine tree. The pine tree structure tends to produce larger buds, though the GMO structure tends to yield more in the end. Lineage: Gucci OG (Clone only) x Sour Strawberry (BOG Seeds)
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Strain Type: Indica
Feminized or Regular: Regular
Flowering Time: 50-60 Days
Seeds per pack: 12
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